Are there videos or instructions for how to use the portal?

There are video tutorials within the portal for each portion of the application that will help users. While some details of the DEHAP portal may be different, the basics of completing key steps are the same. Access the Help Center through the link in the top right of the main portal screen.

Within the Help Center, click the header for “Completing the Application” for instructions about how to use specific sections of the portal.

I already received DEHAP assistance in 2021 but need to request more rent or add a request for utilities. How do I do this?

If you haven’t already, go to the application portal, click the Forgot Password link and enter your email to reset your password. Once in the portal, go to your application and click New Case. Enter the additional months of rent you are requesting, or enter information for the utilities you are requesting on the Utilities tab and any required documentation such as utility bill. Proceed through to Submit.

If your income was previously verified by providing documentation of income for the past 30 days, you will need to submit new documentation for income verification. There are some new options for verifying income, but your 2020 1040 remains the preferred method of verifying income.

DEHAP can assist with rent and/or utilities for up to 15 months.

I started an application before July 28. I went to the new portal and it didn’t recognize my email. What’s going on?

Only complete, submitted applications were transferred. If you only started an application on the previous portal but did not submit it, you will need to register on the new portal as a new user and start a new application.

I got a message that my email is not verified. What does that mean?!

To complete your registration, you will need to click the link in the email you receive from RentRelief to verify your email. If you are getting a message that your email is not verified, this is likely the issue. Check your email for a confirmation email from RentRelief.

I got a 1020 Error. What does that mean?

1020 error is for IP addresses outside of the United States. You will need to wait to submit an application until you are back in the United States.

I got an “object error”. What does that mean?

Try closing all your browser windows and then re-opening and logging back in. Object error usually means something is not saving and you may have multiple browsers with the same screen open.

Tenant Questions

Why is the Documents tab requiring a Benefits Determination Letter?

Eligibility for other federal and state income-based programs like TANF and SNAP can be used to document your income eligibility. If you check Yes to the question on the preregistration screen that you are receiving other state or federal benefits, the system will plan to use this to verify your income and require documentation of this instead of other income documentation.

Why don’t I see an Income tab?

There are several methods of verifying income, and we’ve added some to make it easier for you. If you live in a Qualified Census Tract, all you need to provide is a self-attestation of your income. The Income tab will not appear. If you check Yes to the question about receiving other federal or state benefits, the Income tab will not appear and the system will require documentation of eligibility for other benefits (such as a benefits determination letter) as income documentation.

Why don’t I see a Rental info tab?

If you select “Yes” to the “Are you currently homeless” question will remove the Rental Info tab. We are working to address this, but a workaround is to go back to the preregistration tab, change the answer to No, and set the “Are you renting your Primary Residence” question to Yes. Then, log out and log back in, and the Rental Info tab will appear.


Landlord/Property Owner Questions

Why can’t I set up my properties? The info won’t save, and they have red flags on them!

The first step to setting up your new info, if you plan to use direct deposit, is to set up and verify your bank account(s). There are videos about this process in the Help Center. Once your account info is entered, you will receive a small test deposit of a few cents within a couple of days. Once you see this deposit in your account, come back to the Banking Info tab to enter this amount to verify your bank account.

Once verified, you can edit the property and link to the bank account, and then link the property to the tenant. You need to select a payment method for each property that you enter.
If you plan to receive payment by check, you can select that and move forward.

As a property owner or manager, where do I upload my W-9?

If you have only one property, you will upload the W-9 under the Landlord Documents tab. If you have more than one property entered, a Property Documents tab will appear. This is where you will upload a W-9 for each property.

I’m a property manager. How can I help my tenants apply and make sure their applications get connected to me?

Share information about the program with your tenants and direct them to for more information. You can also help them prepare by:
⦁ Providing them with a copy of their current lease
⦁ Providing a ledger or rent due statement broken out by month
⦁ Providing them with the specific contact information they should enter for you to make sure your information gets correctly linked.

A screenshot of the tab where Applicants enter their Landlord Information is below. It will help them to enter the correct info if you give them the specific contact information to enter here, especially email address.

I got a payment and don’t know who it’s for. How can I check?

When the status of a case changes to Paid, the landlord/property manager email connected to the case will receive an email ACH/direct deposit stub specifying the case number, amounts and months covered.

How can I check on the status of a payment?

Payments are batched weekly on Wednesdays. If the status of a case is Approved, you should see payment within two weeks. If the status of a case is Approved for Payment, you should see payment within a week.

Case auditors are not able to answer questions about payment status. Please call the DEHAP call center at 866-935-0407 and staff can give more detail about dates processed or checks issued, if you have questions.

How can I check on the status of an application, or find out what my tenant needs to submit?

In general, case auditors are not able to answer general status update questions. The best thing to do is communicate with your tenant, or to call the DEHAP call center. Auditors will communicate with tenants about items needed from the tenant and landlords on items needed from the landlord.