Changes from Previous DEHAP Application Format

If you are a landlord who submitted an application under the August-December 2020 version of the program, please be aware the application process has changed. These changes were made in order to meet new federal requirements and address as many stakeholders’ needs and preferences as possible and to make it as easy as possible for tenants and landlords in different situations to access assistance.

While a landlord can initiate an application, the tenant’s involvement is required and they will upload their own documentation. Much of the information and signatures previously collected on forms is now collected directly in the online application portal when the tenant is entering their information. If you initiate an application, your tenant will receive a prompt to register for the site and submit their portion of the application.

Registering for the Site

Smaller landlords who own only one or a few individual units may find it easiest to have their tenants initiate the application process. You will receive a notice when the tenant’s application has been reviewed and preapproved, and at that time, you should log in and submit your information.

How to Register

Landlords can view our DEHAP Landlord/Property Manager Program Manual for step-by-step instructions on using the new application portal.

If Your Tenant Applied for DEHAP

If your tenant applied and their documentation and eligibility are approved, you will receive an automated communication inviting you to confirm that you wish to participate in the program, confirm the amounts due, and that you accept the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions state that you accept the DEHAP payment as full and final settlement for amounts due before the period covered by DEHAP OR that you and the tenant have a stipulated agreement addressing any other existing balances not covered by DEHAP. DEHAP can cover rent, fees and utilities due to the landlord of up to $2,000/month from April 1 – present up to a maximum of 15 months.

Can Landlords Apply?

Property owners and managers can also initiate DEHAP applications. You will need to register and enter some information about your property and contact information for your tenant.

This can be done individually or by uploading a spreadsheet of information for multiple tenants. Your tenant will then receive communication from the system inviting them to register and submit an online application with their information.

If There is a Pending Eviction Case

If there is a pending eviction case, the application will be conditionally approved until documentation is submitted that the case has been dropped or resolved via agreement. For example, if there are balances above what DEHAP can cover that are covered in a repayment plan. Effective June 15, 2021, to serve as documentation of a resolved case, Stipulated Agreements must use the DEHAP Stipulated Agreement Format available here.

Agreements, withdrawals or satisfactions of judgements must be noted as accepted by JP Court. Once this documentation is received, payment will be issued. We understand there is not a space for landlords to upload this documentation in the portal currently; this is being added. Until that function is available, this documentation can be either uploaded by the tenant or emailed to

W-9 and Tax Questions

The W-9 should be completed with the Tax ID for the entity that receives payment and manages taxes for the income on the unit. In some cases, this may be a property management company. In these cases, the W-9 should be completed with the property management company’s Tax ID and signed by the property manager. Rent paid by DEHAP is taxable income to the landlord/owner, who will receive a 1099 from DSHA.

Payment Questions

Direct deposit is strongly encouraged. A cancelled check or confirmation of account information issued by your bank (such as a bank statement or letter) is required to use direct deposit. Blank starter checks without account holder information or documents where you have written in the account information cannot be used.

Payments are issued at least once a week. Payment questions can be emailed to