Injured at work, a 64-year-old grandmother is supporting two grandchildren on a fixed income.


This success story begins with a single 64-year-old woman raising her two grandchildren. She receives SSA and public benefits on a fixed income but also has to work to support her family.

After discovering that her employer did not carry WC insurance (the employer is breaking the law by not doing so), she could not receive WC benefits when she was injured. To further worsen the situation, she was injured on the job and could not continue working.

This led to a substantial reduction in her monthly household income. As a result, she was not able to pay her rent and was facing eviction at a hearing set for May 12th.

The landlord kept telling our client that he would not accept DEHAP funds and that he just wanted her out of the rental unit. However, she knew that becoming homeless at her age and with two minor grandchildren was not an option. The desperate grandmother called LSCD (Legal Services Corporation of Delaware), and counsel represented the client in the eviction action. The LCSD finally convinced the landlord to enter into an agreement that allowed our client to apply for DEHAP funds.

The benefit to the landlord will be nearly $6,420, which will satisfy all of the client’s back-rent. The agreement prevented the grandmother and two grandchildren from being evicted and heading to becoming homeless.