Community Navigators

Individuals experiencing emergencies, such as eviction with a set court date, immediate risk of homelessness, or utility cut-off, can start a new application for assistance after January 2, 2023, through one of the Community Navigators listed below.

Tenants and landlords with open or in-progress applications submitted before 8:00 a.m. on January 2, 2023, are encouraged to monitor their emails, text messages, and voicemails for status updates.

You can check on a previously submitted application here

Contact or visit one of our local Community Navigator locations in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties. 

Please note, the community partners listed below can only offer assistance with submitting an application. They cannot provide status information or answer questions about submitted applications. For these questions, please log into the portal to check the status of your application or send messages with questions, call 866-935-0407. Applicants who claim zero income, or who are unable to provide sufficient income documentation, must seek assistance from a Community Navigator with completing and submitting their DEHAP application.

New Castle County 

West End Neighborhood House
(302) 658-4171 • www.westendnh.org

Latin American Community Center
(302) 655-7338 • www.thelatincenter.org

Lutheran Community Services
(302) 654-8886 • www.lcsde.org

New Castle County Community Services
302.328.6200  • www.nccde.org

Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League
(302) 622-4300 • www.mwul.org

Ministry of Caring
(302) 652-5522 • www.ministryofcaring.org

Kent County 

NeighborGood Partners
(302) 678-9400 • www.neighborgoodpartners.org

Central Delaware Habitat
(302) 526-2366 ext. 117 • www.centraldelawarehabitat.org

Brandywine Counseling
(302) 510-0173 •

People’s Place II, Inc.
(302) 734-0319 www.peoplesplace2.com

For questions about DEHAP, call us at 302-577-5008.

Sussex County 

NeighborGood Partners
(302) 855-1370 • www.neighborgoodpartners.org

Community Resource Center
(302) 227-1340 • www.rehobothcommunitycenter.org

People’s Place II, Inc.
(302) 734-0319 • www.peoplesplace2.com

Brandywine Counseling
(302) 510-0173 www.brandywinecounseling.com


Catholic Charities
New Castle County: (302) 655-9624
Kent County: (302) 674-1600
Sussex County: (302) 856-9578

Terrie M. Williams Expansion
(302) 551-3600 www.terriemwilliamsexpansion.org